AFRICA TWIN – Bigger is better?

Two years after its sensational release, Honda has revisited the Africa Twin with some updates – and an upgrade in the supersized Adventure Sports. So RUST joined Honda in the UK West Country to assess the progress…Words: JB Images: Nuno Laranjeira I’ve got to hand it to Honda, they have the chassis on the Africa […]

In Conversation With Chris Birch

New Zealander Chris Birch was a big name in hard enduro: a Romaniacs winner, multiple Roof of Africa winner and genuine top-three in the sport. When family came along he stepped back, or rather moved on… Now he’s a KTM ambassador, demonstrating and teaching how to ride their adventure machines. He’s also one of the […]


Beta are winning – world championships and in the showrooms. And they’re keen to tell you this is not on the basis of their bikes being ‘ready to race’, but on their ride-ability, ‘friendly feeling’ as they put it. And now they’ve added an even friendlier machine to their range, the RR200. Come on, it’s time […]


Our media-industry liaison, Alex, grabs a quick spin on Ducati’s 1200cc adventure offering and comes away impressed.


Editor JB is just back from the 2018 BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy in Mongolia. He had a ball, as usual (this being his fifth Trophy!). Here are a few moments taken from his iPhone – yep, you don’t necessarily need fancy equipment to document your journey, the best camera is the one you have […]


RRP: £549.99 / $719.00 Contact: Of our million pieces of off-road gear there are but a few parts that I really do care about, where I always look out for the best product (or at least trustable) – but that’s the case with helmets and boots. With helmets there are seemingly hundreds of brands […]


Have you noticed – electric mountain bikes are starting to appear at enduro events (WOR Events in the UK even run an e-mtb race ahead of their usual hare & hounds races). We’ve also cottoned on to them potentially making great cross-training devices. And now with our motorcycle manufacturers getting in on the act it […]

FANTIC Caballero

A Caballero – that’s a cavalier in Latin tongues – is a ‘courtly gentleman’ by definition. Sharp-dressed for sure, but do these two have more to offer than just sharp looks?


This was not intended to be a gentle trail bike. It’s bred from Honda’s apex predator, the CRF450R motocrosser, only made street legal. So it has attitude – that is if you buy anywhere other than in Europe. In Europe, given Euro4 it’s an altogether different animal…


‘Supertech S-M10’ – there’s a clue there in the name. The ‘10’ bit – just as with Alpinestars’ Tech 10 boot, that number denotes top of the range. Alpinestars are entering the dirt bike helmet market at the top, with an all bells and whistles offering that’s set to go head-to-head (of course) with the […]