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Moto Guzzi, 100 years old this year, have updated their V85TT with some clever upgrades
Moto Guzzi, celebrating their centenary in 2021, have come up with some good upgrades for the V85TT adventure model for the new year. On the surface not much looks to have changed, but as ever it’s all in the detail.
More torque

The motor now has greater torque at low and medium rpm as a result of ‘optimised lifting of the pushrod and rockers timing cams’ and a consequent adapting of the engine control electronics.

Fully tubeless

The new spoked wheel rims now mount tubeless tyres: together, they guarantee about 1.5 kg lower weight, reducing the unsprung masses.

New rider modes

The riding assist electronics systems gain two new riding modes: Sport, suitable for more sporty riding and Custom, which allows the rider customise their own assist package). These join the existing three (Strada – Street, Pioggia – Rain, Off-road) which manage traction control, ABS and the response of the Ride-by-Wire throttle.

Creature comforts

Cruise control and a colour TFT instrument panel also come as standard. Using Moto Guzzi MIA, the Moto Guzzi multimedia platform optionally available in the vast range of accessories in the dedicated catalogue, you can connect your smart phone to the vehicle, extending the instrument panel’s functions. 

Colour changes

The three versions of graphics available for the V85 TT are also new: Nero Etna, Giallo Mojave and Rosso Uluru.

V85 TT Travel also updated

As you would expect, the V85 TT Travel receives all the technical upgrades of the V85 TT; as in the past, the equipment package of the Travel model includes a touring windscreen, side panniers from the Urban series with high cargo capacity and reduced lateral bulk, the pair of supplementary LED lights and the set of adjustable heated hand grips, as well as the Moto Guzzi MIA multimedia platform.

RUST was due to attend the international launch of the 2020 V85TT Travel when the Coronavirus hit. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit the 2021 models, you know, soon…

2021 MOTO GUZZI V85 TT – Nero Etna colour option
2021 MOTO GUZZI V85 TT – Giallo Mojave colour option
2021 MOTO GUZZI V85 TT – Rosso Uluru colour option



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