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An electric future just became an electric now – as Stark Future has released an electric dirt bike that it says will outperform any current motocrosser. And looking at the evidence this is no idle boast...

QUANTUM LEAP! That’s what the Stark Varg is. In this machine the electric motorcycle – and specifically dirt motorcycle – has leapt massively forward. And if Stark’s claims are substantiated then not only can they now match the performance – and endurance – of the current conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) motocrossers (and enduros) they can better them!

And this is a production model, going on sale around Q3 of 2022. Oh, and at a price almost comparable to the latest dirt bikes: £9,900…

Here’s a quick runthrough of the key performance points:

  • up to 80hp available (+30% on a standard 450MX)
  • Range the same as a 450MX fuel tank (ie. a 45-minute moto – or apparently 6 hours trail riding)
  • Ride modes and multiple performance adjusters all accessible through a smartphone interface – plus data logging
  • Battery recharge in 1-2 hours
  • Weight: 110kg
  • Low centre of gravity for excellent handling and light feel
  • KYB suspension
  • No bottom frame rails, instead a ‘floating’ bash plate
  • Neat super-accurate and super-simple chain adjuster using ‘clicker’ system


So who are Stark? This is their own brief introduction:

‘Stark Future is a multi-national company, established in 2019 with Swedish roots but located on the fringes of
Barcelona. Stark Future has built a dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable team from the cream of both the
motorcycle and power electronics industries. The Stark VARG itself is a strong definition of the company’s

Their engineers have, we understand, backgrounds from R&D in KTM and Alta, while their chief test rider is none other than Sebastien Tortelli. And that’s AMA SX rider Josh Hill joining him in the video and photos – so we’re talking people with top reputations.

The Stark team are clearly keen to make this a clean green step into the future too, as they suggest:

‘We do not:
– Show negative content
– Show burnouts or other non-sustainable activity
– Exclude traditional technology, but our purpose is always to inspire towards sustainability’

Stark Future's CEO: Anton Wass, former owner of 24MX
'Test manager": Sebastien Tortelli


This could yet be a way down the line. This first machine is a motocrosser. For trail we’re talking homologation (although emissions is clearly a breeze!) and the addition of lights and other road legalities. But with that infinitely variable power unit it’ll be almost immediately possible to tune it to a say 40hp enduro-trail spec with decent range – enough for a full enduro or decent trail ride.

However, given that this team has gone from a standing start in 2019 to this position now, maybe it’s possible we’ll have such a bike ready for 2023?

Last comment for now: the name. Stark Varg – it’s Swedish for Strong Wolf.



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