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Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition

Yamaha reveals a Tenere 700 Rally Edition

Yamaha has released a special 'rally edition' version of their Tenere 700, paying homage to their factory Dakar racers of the 1980s – and boy does it look sweet!

After launching the new Ténéré 700 to some success, and watching the new owners customising their new bikes, yamaha has taken the plunge and created it’s own souped-up version of this super-popular adventure machine. Paying homage to its Dakar Rally riders and their successes, the rally Edition arrives in the colours of the yamaha France works racers of the 1980s, as campaigned by the likes of Serge bacou and the late great Yamaha France boss-come-rider Jean-Claude Olivier.

Very tasty it looks too. Here’s what Yamaha is offering:

Iconic Dakar heritage colours, extra protection and a higher specification

Since its launch the Ténéré 700 has quickly established itself as the best-selling middleweight adventure bike in Europe. – with over 8000 units sold to date. Combining characterful torque-rich engine performance with agile handling, remarkable all-round versatility and a high level of long distance comfort, the Ténéré 700 is proving to be an outstanding success. 

The Ténéré legend has been growing since the very first Yamaha Ténéré adventure bike was introduced in 1983, and with its historic blue and yellow colours plus black Yamaha speedblock, the new Ténéré 700 Rally Edition celebrates the achievements of Yamaha’s Dakar heroes and their machines from a bygone era. These special colours are exclusive to the new Rally Edition, making this an extremely desirable and collectable motorcycle for every rider who appreciates the iconic status of the original Ténéré and the part it played in the Dakar and many other rally raid events. As well as its special colours, this premium adventure bike also features a higher standard specification, and is equipped with a range of lightweight components that offer increased protection and deliver a more dynamic rally riding experience.  

Heritage Rally colours  

Launched in 2019, the Ténéré 700 is the result of one of Yamaha’s most intensive development programmes that involved some of the world’s leading rally raid riders testing and evaluating the prototypes in a wide range of terrain all over the world. With its compact and agile chassis as well as a characterful and torque-rich, 689cc, CP2 engine, this best-selling middleweight adventure bike has the ability to deliver thrilling off road performance together with exceptional long distance comfort on the highway. Proudly assembled in France by a dedicated workforce alongside the Ténéré 700, the new Ténéré 700 Rally Edition features a special blue and yellow livery that pays homage to the Yamaha race bikes ridden by JCO and Serge Bacou in the ’83 and ’84 editions of the Dakar rally. Yamaha lovers will recognise the iconic design from the XT600Z of 1983. Black Yamaha speedblock graphics reinforce the historic look, making this an authentic tribute to the men and their machines that inspired so many riders to travel beyond the next horizon in their search for new adventures and lasting memories. 

Increased protection  

The Ténéré 700 Rally Edition features a high specification as standard, and is equipped with a number of components that offer increased levels of chassis protection in off road riding situations. Manufactured from 4mm thick aluminium, the heavy duty skid plate gives a high level of protection to the engine and lower frame tubes, and also features a tool box mounting point. There’s also a black aluminium radiator protector that’s designed to prevent the ingress of small sticks or stones – and the laser-cut aluminium chain guard enhances the premium style of this special edition model.

Rally Seat  

The exclusive one-piece Rally Seat gives a riding position that’s 20mm higher at 895mm, and this gives a straighter lower body position that makes it easier to move from sitting down to standing up on the footrests when riding off road. Its dual material construction gives a high quality feel and finish, and the white Yamaha logo complements the iconic heritage colours.  

Akrapovič slip-on muffler

The 689cc, CP2 engine is fitted with an Akrapovič slip-on muffler that emits a rich, deep and throaty sound that enhances the high-torque sensation when accelerating. This high quality lightweight can is fitted with carbon heatshields that reinforce the overall feeling of quality.  

LED flashers  

Lightweight and compact LED flashers at the front and rear give a modern and sleek look, and help to give a sharper and more rugged appearance to this high specification adventure bike. 

Grip pads  

Special rubber grip pads come as standard on the Rally Edition, and these are designed to provide added knee and inner thigh grip during acceleration, enabling the rider to achieve optimum control. 

Off road handlebar grips  

To underline its genuine off road abilities the handlebars are equipped with off road grips that give a high degree for confident riding in dusty or muddy conditions.  

Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition
Baby blue – just like 'JCO' and Serge Bacou bikes in '83-'84
Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition
Rally seat – nice!
Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition
Akrapovic muffler
Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition
Proper bash plate
Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition
Grip pads
Yamaha Tenere 700 Rally Edition
Motocross grips

Ténéré 700 Rally Edition Highlights

• Iconic heritage colours with historic Dakar factory race bike influence
• Enhanced Rally feeling from Rally Seat, tank grip pads and off road grips
• Lightweight Akrapovič slip-on muffler gives rich, deep and throaty sound
• Extra protection from the heavy-duty skid plate, radiator guard and chain guard
• Durable and modern LED flashers front and rear
• Characterful 689cc, 4-stroke, CP2 engine delivering high levels of linear torque
• Lightweight and durable double cradle tubular steel frame
• Slim, compact and ergonomic body
• Aggressive rally-bred face with 4 x LED headlights
• Adjustable long-travel front and rear suspension
• Tough and lightweight 21 inch / 18 inch spoked wheels with adventure tyres
• Switchable ABS for on the fly adjustment

Due to arrive in UK in mid-July the Rally Edition will be priced at £10,299 inc VAT but excluding OTR charges (first reg fee and road tax). OTR price is £10,447.00 inc VAT.



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    1. My concern there would be even more weight up high could upset the balance and handling. Rotopax on a pannier rack for the additional fuel?

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